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In Part 1 of our 2-part series on in-home sleep studies, we explored the benefits and costs associated with Portable Sleep Testing.  In Part 2, we will discuss another popular method of in-home sleep studies, Portable Polysomnography.

Portable Polysomnography

Portable Polysomnography is a comprehensive method of sleep study that measures multiple body functions including those of the brain, eyes, muscles and heart.  Portable Polysomnograms can be performed from the home in both an attended and unattended fashion with regards to professional supervision.

In addition to lower costs, the key benefit of in-home Portable Polysomnography is the prevention of “first-night effect.”  First-night effect is commonly characterized by sleep disruption caused by the unfamiliar environment of a conventional sleep laboratory.

As with Portable Sleep Testing, there are downsides associated with Portable Polysomnography.  For example, Portable Polysomnograms conducted in the home with a technician in attendance often reduce the cost savings and comfort level commonly intended with in-home testing.

If you would like to learn more about either of the methods discussed in our series on in-home sleep studies, please consult your sleep specialist.

Posted by Dr. Gautam Samadder